Often people come in to my office after suffering with a particular pain for months.  They usually make the statement that they kept telling themselves that “maybe it will go away.”  I had one patient recently that had suffered for 20 years with low back pain, all the while telling himself that it might go away.  Common sense should tell us that a problem will not go away until what is causing the problem goes away.

We pride ourselves on finding the cause and correcting that.  This allows the body to heal itself, and when the cause is gone, the pain will go away.

If you or someone you love are still waiting for a particular pain to go away, call us at              801-955-1555.  We will find the cause, and if it is something that we can treat, we will correct the cause and the pain will go away.  But we cannot know if we can help you without checking to see what is causing your pain first, so call 801-955-1555 and schedule a free consultation.  We are on panel with most insurance companies, and work great with those we are not on panel with.

Call us today and get on track to get rid of your chronic pain.  801-955-1555 call today and say you want the pain to go away.