Most people seek chiropractic care when they have pain.  Yes, I said “most”, because, believe it or not, there are people who see a chiropractor on a regular basis regardless of the presence or absence of pain.

Pain is nothing more than a symptom, but we are programmed in our society to focus on the symptom.  This is the medical model, and because insurance companies are owned and operated by medical doctors, it is the insurance model.  If you do not have symptoms, you do not need care.  If you do have symptoms, than care should be focused on getting rid of the symptom and nothing more.

Because of how we have been programmed we go to a chiropractor when the “pain relievers” do not work, and we ask the chiropractor to get rid of our pain.  We give it a few shots, and in most cases the pain will be better if not gone, and we think that we are cured, or at least as good as we will get.

Unfortunately, many chiropractors have lost sight of the basic principles upon which chiropractic was found.  Mainly this has happened because of third party payers (insurance companies) who only pay for care associated with symptoms.

So, to many people and to many chiropractors, chiropractic has become just an expensive aspirin.  But for some patients and some chiropractors who understand the workings of the human body, chiropractic is a way of life, a way of healthy living.

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